Essay on A Girl With Wild, Black Hair And A Stocky Frame

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A young girl with wild, black hair and a wiry frame sprints over trails hidden in the pines and counts insect tracks with her best friend, Annie Ruth Banes. Later, her sister passes away from polio and later still, a black classmate of hers is sentenced to death under fraud circumstances. The liveliness of her younger self is changing, morphing into an angry fire. Finally, at age 16, she takes her stand. Let’s go back to the beginning. It 's the 1950 's. The setting is Montgomery, Alabama in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. We have a girl, born on the 5th of September in 1939 with the name Claudette Austin. Her last name was changed to Colvin when her biological parents split and Claudette went off to live with her great aunt and uncle (Mary Ann Colvin, and Q.P. Colvin, respectively). It 's just Claudette, Mary Ann, Q.P., and her younger sister, Delphine, with their dog, two horses, and lots of chickens, cows, and pigs. Everyone who knows this lovely girl knows that Claudette is intelligent, religious, curious, independent, and active. She gets along well with her younger sister Delphine, and when Delphine dies, Claudette is devastated. She hardens a little, but continues with life. She really loses it when a classmate of hers, Jeremiah Reeves, is charged with the rape of a white housewife and arrested. Reeves confesses to the crime, though many people are convinced that he was forced to confess, including Claudette. He was later sentenced to death. Now, Claudette…

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