A Girl Like Me : Gwen Araujo Story Essay

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Following Butler’s notion of Gender and sexuality, these aspects are two of the main narrative themes in A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story, they are important as a result of the main protagonist, Gwen, being a transgender women. A significant example of Butler’s distinction between sex and gender is a scene which take place at the start of the film. Gwen is a child and represented as a boy called Eddie, Eddie and his Mother and siblings arrive at a family member’s birthday party. Here the children are doing magic with their granddad, while the other adult prepare the food. When the family sit down to eat in their garden the children come out of the house holding a towel in front of Eddie so his family cannot see him. Seeing as the children have been doing magic with their grandfather one of them shouts “Everybody, abracadabra, alakazam” and the towel is dropped, revealing Eddie standing in a long pink dress. His family look horrified, his mother is covering her eyes with her palm in embarrassment, she then grabs Eddie’s hand and takes him inside to change. It appears in this scene that the social constructs of gender which Butler mentions in her theory are at work. The family’s reaction to eddies action are almost offensive considering his mother covered he face in embarrassment. His sex is what causes the reaction seeing as he is viewed as male by his family. Another relation the scene has to the theory is the example Butler uses, Beauvoir’s statement on women can be…

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