A Girl Born And Raised Essay

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As a girl born and raised in Bronx NY I was always giving up on life and giving up on myself because I knew I couldn’t make it in this world called life. When I was born my birth mother gave me up for adoption along with my twin sister, then a year later my little sister came along. God blessed me with a beautiful family that I love with all my heart that took good care of my sisters and me until this day. I came into my new home just being 2 weeks old as my sisters and I lived with our new family.
In the process of being adopted the agency wanted something different for my sisters and I but my family didn’t. Because my sisters and I was African American the adoption agency wanted us to live with our kind. My adopted mother and father had to do was right and that was to fight for us to stay with the family which my family was happy bout because they won the case. As African American being raised by Hispanic it was a blessing, not only did we knew Spanish as our first language but we always knew English. My mother said it was always good to know two language. At the age of 11 my adopted mother got really sick and pasted away, it was worst day of my life especially at very young age, but God had other Plans and blessed me with a second mother that was my cousin. She was not only young to take care of three little girls but gave up her dreams just to make sure that we had everything in the world. My cousin was a great role model for us, she was in college as a full time…

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