A Girl And Her Horse Analysis

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A Girl and Her Horse
For over five-hundred years, man and horse have been walking side by side and working together. They have become friends and partners by developing a special relationship like no other. In the unnamed photograph of a teenage girl with her horse, the viewer can interpret the trust between a girl and her horse, clearly see they both are relaxing together, and notice it looks like the photo was taken on a warm, sunny summer day.
Trust is an important quality in all friendships, and this photograph portrays trust between a girl and her horse in a unique way. The trust between a teenage girl and her horse is proven with the way they are lying on the ground together. The horse’s left front leg is seen draped across the girl’s
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The teenage girl in the photo is wearing a white tank top, white shorts, and no shoes. This lets the viewer know it was probably a hot, summer day when the photo was taken. The clothing options chosen to be worn typically aren’t meant for cool weather. Also, the grass that surrounds the horse and girl is green, but it also has a couple brown spots. This lets the viewer conclude the photograph was probably taken on a hot and dry summer day. During summer, the grass is flourishing with chlorophyll, but occasionally the dry weather can cause brown spots. The sun can also be seen shining on the horse and girl as they lie on the ground together. The viewer can see the sun gleaming off the girl’s forehead in the photo. During summer, the sun is out almost every day unless it’s raining; therefore, the viewer can predict the photo was taken on a bright and sunny summer day. Furthermore, the viewer can interpret this photo was taken while sun was happily shining down on the girl and her horse as they relaxed on the peaceful summer day.
In conclusion, while looking at the picture closely, the viewer can conclude the presence of trust between the horse and girl, the two look like they are relaxing together, and it looks like a nice, warm summer day. Not many people get to experience such a special friendship with an equine like the teenage girl in this photograph. The photo shows the special relationships people can develop with animals, but more importantly,

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