A Gesture Life Is About A Korean Man Franklin Essays

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A Gesture Life is about a Korean man Franklin “Doc” Hata, who was adopted at a young age and raised in a Japanese family. Hata is in his seventies, and lives in a suburban town, Bedley Run. He is content with his big house, and the relationships he has made from owning a local medical supply shop, “Sunny’s”, which he sold to a young couple. Hata begins to have flashbacks to his time serving for the Japanese army in Burma. He hides his Korean origins during his time in war, until a group of Korean comfort women arrive at the camp. He ends up falling in love with one of the comfort women, K. Along with experiencing flashbacks from his time in war, Hata also remembers certain memories of his daughter Sunny, whom he adopted from a Japanese orphanage. He raised Sunny with strict adherence to his high standards for her. He is confused when Sunny rejects him and becomes rebellious towards his views. Before Sunny leaves town with a drug dealer, she tells Hata that he has made his whole life out of gestures and politeness, and that he is a burden with his generosity. Hata realizes that his behavior and emotional reserve throughout his life has been an attempt to distance himself from his memories of dishonor and shock from his wartime experiences. During the war, Hata and K both experienced traumatizing experiences that effected Hata’s life for years. Hata learned about K’s life, and how she ended up becoming a comfort woman. War time was traumatizing for both Hata and K. Hata was a…

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