Essay about A Generation Who Has Become Slaves Of Technology

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A Generation Who Has Become Slaves of Technology When I was little, I used to play with marbles, dirt, and hide and seek. Now I see a generation who has submerged into what is called technology. Children cannot live without I pads, teenagers cannot be without texting or chatting, even when they are in class, and many adults have become unproductive at their workplace due to the addiction of the usage of their cellphones. I have seen families who rarely have a conversation while having a family meal because at least one of the family members is either texting, chatting on Facebook, or twitting. I myself have become a slave of technology, I spend endless of hours on the computer either doing homework, checking my emails or on my cellphone texting, calling or chatting on Facebook. I decided to do an experiment on myself to see how much my cellphone was taking over my life. During this experiment I wanted to discover a few things that I felt were needed to be discovered. In this paper I will explain in detail how I started my experiment, the feelings I experienced, how many missed calls and texts I had and explain if any of my friends got upset because I did not respond to their messages. First of all, I decided to be without a cellphone for three days. I left my cellphone in my closet fully charged so I could see how many missed calls and text messages I had received at the end of the three days experiment. I did not see my cellphone until the end of the third day and…

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