A General Analysis Of Human Trafficking Essay

1647 Words Dec 14th, 2014 null Page
Women of the United States are under siege due to the underground sex trade known as human trafficking. With increasing supply and demand for women and young children, these victims are being kidnapped and forced into modern day slavery. These slave traders are making billions of dollars off the bodies of these victims. The complications of discontinuing underground sex trade rings are due to massive economic funding it provides to sex traders and abductors. The constant development of new rings is making it near impossible for law enforcement to crack down on these malicious back door industries. This paper is a general analysis of human trafficking, the role of the United States law enforcement, perception of American citizens and the economic impact it creates globally as well as the methods of abduction, statistical data and the moral implications that human trafficking causes. Since the early 2000’s there has been constant progress in laws to better protect women against human trafficking such as the “Victims of trafficking act of 2000”, which established several methods of prosecuting traffickers. This act establishes human trafficking and related offences as federal crimes and attaches severe penalties to them. The latest update to this acts which was renamed “Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013” established a stronger program to ensure United States citizens do not purchase products made by victims of human trafficking. Another act that is relevant…

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