A Gathering Of Old Men By Ernest Gaines Essay

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Supposedly, changes are taking place in the South to combat racial disparities; nevertheless, the history concerning Blacks and Whites stay subjected to the throes of deep-rooted supremacy, prejudice, and biases, predominantly by Whites toward Blacks. As a matter of fact, in A Gathering of Old Men, Ernest Gaines novel is set in Bayonne, South Louisiana where racism runs rampant toward Blacks by folks referred to as Cajuns. Also, Cajuns are depicted as being superior to Blacks, but they are the lowest classification of Whites. Case in point, The Encyclopedia of World Cultures reports, “within the regional class structure, Cajuns are considered better than Blacks, but the lowest group of (“Cajuns”) Whites. As a result of their prejudices and biases, the Cajuns committed repetitive acts of violence against Black men, women, as well as children, and negatively obstructed Blacks of earning a living with their tractors. In contrast, the vast majority of Blacks only counteracted with subjection! However; Gaines uses death as the tool that allowed his protagonists in the novel, Blacks everywhere presently, and for the multitudes of Blacks posthumously to be vindicated for their subjection to Whites. Therefore, the Cajun’s death is representative of the triumph over the absolution of subjection by Whites, and the dissolution of the livelihood for Blacks historically and presently.

First of all, Gaines skillfully intertwines death with the past and present history of the…

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