A Gate At The Stairs Essay

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In life, people face decisions that can change life, either in a positive way or in a negative one. In my life, there’re some times that I challenged an idea and I’ve got to stop and to think what decision would be the best for me. Any choice would be a path to reach an important goal in my life, which is live abroad. So, I’ve got to decide either to stay in Brazil or come over to United States, specifically United States, leaving my lovely mother at home. But I have overcome it all so far. Throughout the book “A Gate at the Stairs”, we can see that several overcoming situations when Sarah, who is a white person, had to deal with people judging her for adopting a black child. At first, the adoption process didn’t work out, but second it did. We can also see in an example of Tassie, which has to overcome herself when Mary-Emma has to leave Thornwood-Blink’s house.
When I finished High School in Brazil, I’ve got to think what I really wanted to my life, either stay in Brazil or come to United States. That was a year ago, and I was just a boy having to take a choice as an adult. Would I want to study hard, get into a college in Brazil, or practice hard, develop my English and go to one of the most development countries in the world? It was a tough question that I had a month to think about.
The United States is a wonderful and really well-organized country, with a stable economy, not as dangerous as Brazil, and people speak the most important language in the world, but it’s…

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