A Gambler : A Life Full Of Excitement, Risk, And Tragedy Essay

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The life of a gambler within the popular media depicted as a life full of excitement, risk, and tragedy. The economic contributions of a gambler primarily remain within the realms of a casino. The thirst for instantaneous satisfaction is an important driver for the gambler, for they will attain that sensation regardless of the consequences associated with their actions, and inevitably they will foreclose their grasp on reality and its worth. They are also associated with the darker parts of society such as gang violence, loan sharks, and a life on the run. If the gambler becomes to invested within their lifestyle they will be trapped with the consequences they have made which follows them wherever they go. The gambler can also been seen as somewhat of an antihero within fiction. They can hold some untold wisdoms, which can be used to manipulate the characters around them. The piece created by Lindner captures the essence of a gambler and their role within the world around them. This piece almost reminds me of the folklore that surrounds Louisiana Voodoo in particular the man depicted in the jar. He looks like a voodoo doll that is manipulated and tortured by a folkloric mage from a distance. The curse of a gambler occurs in phases, one moment they could be the luckiest person in the world and the next moment they could be found in the ditches outside of Las Vegas.
Whatever aspect of the gambler Lindner magnifies in his piece they can be found within the ladder, the die,…

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