A Fundamental Basis For Humanity Essay

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Literature is a fundamental basis for humanity. Throughout the years mankind has inhabited the Earth, recording culture, values, stories and events through the written word. Writing these stories down are their authors, many of which have become well known and world renowned for their creativity and contribution to the world’s libraries. One such author is Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a English poet and author who helped to create the romantic movement, additionally demonstrating the elements that made up the literary movement in his works. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was born on October 21, 1775 in England. From a young age he was an avid reader, where “he immersed himself to the point of morbid fascination in romances and Eastern tales such as The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments” (Beer). This love of reading stuck throughout the rest of his academic career, eventually leading him to attend Cambridge University. Later in life Coleridge married Sara Fricker, who he endured a miserable marriage with, eventually starting a family. A few years later he met his lifelong friend and fellow writer William Wordsworth, soon falling in love with his new friend’s sister-in-law. Due to chronic pain Coleridge was prescribed opium, which he eventually became addicted to. Samuel Taylor Coleridge passed away on July 25, 1834 at the age of 61.
As a renowned author of his generation, Coleridge is known for many of his works. One such is the poem of “Kubla Khan”, a piece written after he awoke…

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