911-Personal Narrative

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911. The number everyone dreads to call. The number that can signal a small crime or even a disaster. I never thought I would have to call it, until once this summer. It was a frightening experience and not one everyone can understand. When my dad had a diabetic seizure, I had to help my mom to call 911 and make sure he was okay. It was a very frightening experience and something that I hope I will never have to do it again. It was the night before my mom, brother, and sister were going to leave for the Catholic retreat Steubenville. It was roughly three in the morning and I was calmly laying in bed. I was watching Netflix because I just wasn’t tired yet. Thank God I was still up because I could hear my mom running to my room. She forcefully opened the door to my room and I had thought I would be in trouble for being on my phone so late. But instead of getting yelled at she had told me that my dad was having a diabetic seizure and she needed my help. She didn’t seem very nervous because this was the third time this had happened, but I was extremely worried. So I hopped out of bed and followed my mom. When I first got out of bed I was nervous and I wasn't sure what to do. I ran to my parents room to ask my mom what to do. I saw my dad having his episode while my mom was making sure all of …show more content…
I said goodnight to my parents and went back to bed. This time I was actually tired because of how everything had happened. The next night when my mom, sister and brother were gone I slept on the couch in my parent’s room. I stayed up all night to make sure that my dad was okay. This even happened again a few weeks after this situation and the paramedics actually knew my parents name. This situation was one of the toughests things I had ever had to take part in and witness. I’m glad I know what to do if it happens again but hope it doesn’t have

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