A Friendship Is A Comfortable Place Like The Image Of Home Essay

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A friendship is a comfortable place like the image of home. You finally get home after a long day, slip off your shoes, loosen up, and take a deep breathe while whispering “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, home.” There are aspects in life that everybody craves and most of them make up an in depth friendship such as, trust, empathy, loyalty, and support. Friendships happen to be a challenging form of a relationship at times and this is why is it is so necessary that we reflect upon them. This ensures that they will not diminish under the pressures of everyday life. There are loads to be said about friendships. They give the opportunity to open new undiscovered interests and develop upon old ones while offering support throughout strenuous times. Although we benefit greatly from these forms of friendship they are not solely about consuming pleasure and it shows that not all friendships can be measured as a gain. As the more time we spend with our friends the more favors we do for them, and these often can be reciprocated in the most informal of ways. Friendship
Aristotle believed that there are three different types of friendships: the true friendship, those made up of pleasure, and those made up of usefulness. The first form of friendship is the buried treasure of them all it is rare to come across and when you find it is crucial to never let it go. The second, is pleasure and is very one sided. You are looking for entertainment or distractions, but there is no balance. Lastly, the third is…

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