A Framework For Effective Change Leadership Essay

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Fullan (2011) provided a framework for effective change leadership consisting of six key insights. The first two elements provide the foundation of the change framework. First, effective change leaders must understand that practice drives theory. Those committed to change leadership use value over practice over theory in that they use practice as an opportunity to learn (Fullan, 2011). According to Fullan (2011), change leaders “never go from theory to practice or research evidence to application (p. xii). In fact, the opposite is true. Change leaders evaluate their organizations to determine what is really working and what can be working better (Fullan,
2011). After they determine what needs improvement or change, they turn to research or theory to assist them in affecting these necessary changes (Fullan, 2011). This means that, as an effective change leader, I must be committed to critical reflection on a day-to-day basis. I acknowledge the value of looking at my own practice to learn about what works and what does not work in my leadership approach. Second, change leaders understand that complex does not necessarily mean complicated. This realization enables them to “return change leadership to its natural habitat – what people do every day and how can we improve it” (Fullan, 2011, p. 154). This uncomplicated view of the change process is what Fullan (2011) called sustaining simplexity. Being an affective change leader can be complex. After all, as…

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