A Foundation For The Biblical Worldview Essay example

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The lens through which one views the world determines what he sees and how he responds. Lens composition is just as important as function; the same is true of the worldview we embrace. A Biblical worldview embodies the idea that its foundation effects its structure. Thus the purpose of this paper is to lay a foundation for the Biblical worldview, specifically expounding upon the Biblical belief that people are made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-17) and relating this to the author’s vocation.

The cornerstone of the Biblical worldview is God Himself, therefore, it is important to have a proper knowledge of Him. Elmer Towns said, “The proper knowledge of God will give wholeness to our beliefs and ultimately to our lives… because proper belief is the foundation for proper action.” In the Bible we see God is spirit (John 4:24); God is person, possessing intellect (Gen. 18:19), emotions (Gen. 6:6) and volition (Gen. 3:15); God is living (Ps. 84:2); God is self-existent (Ex. 3:13-15); God is unchanging in His nature (Mal. 3:6). Who is there on earth who even compares with such a One? There is no one but God alone, thus we worship, honor and fear Him above all else, allowing Him to define how we view the world.

Creation, the term we use to speak of the making of the universe by God, instituted many of the foundations life operates on now. Order, time, governance, marriage, male and female distinctness, and rest or some of the fundamentals God put in place. The Apostle John…

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