A Formal Presentation Of A Party Platform Essay

1200 Words Oct 16th, 2016 5 Pages
A party platform is a formal presentation of that party’s positions on major/pressing issues, principles, and overall objectives and goals. The main purpose of the platform is to gather the attention of the public to gain their support about the topics that are of concern to them, which is important because it helps give a clear political view during their campaign. How it works for the presidential platforms is that a national convention is held to nominate a presidential and vice presidential candidates, from there they get together and put together their party platform (almost like a group effort of that party) that will come out when the candidates begin to actively run in the election. I feel as if the President is morally bound to it. Once in office, the President can do almost anything he/she wants (to a point), but if they state everything they stand for in their party platform and then enter office after election and either do none of it or change everything, it would be incredibly frowned upon and make he/she look very bad in the eyes of the public and especially to their declared party. My chosen domestic policy issue is gun control. The Republican view on this according to their political party platform is to, simply, keep it the way it is now but improve it the way they see fit. They do not want many changes made to the gun laws themselves because they respect them, but think that “gun bans” are not a good choice to diminish the negative effects guns…

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