A Foreign Country Essay

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When going to a foreign country you may notice very significant differences in the way other people live their lives. They may dress differently or eat unfamiliar foods. Their religion, government, and the values they find most important, and their idea of happiness might be different. This is because of their culture.
Every culture is diverse. Each culture eats different food, has different superstitions, religions, and even different ways of defining and expressing happiness. Realizing that nations and cultures have significant differences in their definitions, values, and ways of expressing happiness is important when considering a nations overall happiness. Factors such as democracy, genes, and even rates of hypertension can be used to predict and differentiate happiness in many cultures.
Happiness defined in ancient Greek and Chinese was thought to be a product of good luck or fortune, something that was out of human control. In a study that examined thirty nations, twenty-four of these nations continued to at least partially still define happiness as having to do with luck or fortune. The United States, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, India, and Kenya were the only nations in this study that did not mention luck or fortune in their definitions at all (Oishi et al. 2013).
Today, Americans believe and define happiness as something they can control, and that happiness can be pursued and achieved if one tries hard enough. This leaves no room for external control, unlike many…

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