A Food Routine Analysis Of My Family Essay

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A food routine analysis of my family would be a food routine based on not only Midwestern routine, but also the routine in Northern Minnesota of an immigrant family from Italy. My mother was born in, and spent most of her life in the Midwest, and my father was born in Northern Minnesota to a traditional Italian family that had immigrated to the United States only a generation prior. When I look at the routines that have emerged from the union of my parents, I see something that is varied. My mother’s families are of mixed backgrounds and it is obvious in her bag of tricks when it comes what I was fed as a child. My Great Grandmothers on my mother’s side were Cajun and Irish, so I ate gumbo and corned beef and cabbage. My father’s family was Italian from the region of Campania, so pasta was a staple of my father’s diet and so it became a staple in the diet of our family. Levi-Strauss talks about a triangle in cuisine, one that is comparable to language. As every language has basic distinct units of sound, or phonemes, so does each cuisine have a basic unit of food preparation; this being the raw, the cooked and the rotted. Levi-Strauss states “In any cuisine, nothing is simply cooked, but must be cooked in one fashion or another.” (Levi-Straus, Food, 41) In analyzing my family’s food routine I recognize that when we eat certain meals, the preparation becomes key to the experience of that meal. On St Patrick’s Day you may eat corned beef and cabbage.…

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