A Fly Of The Buttermilk : Descriptions Of University Life Essay

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"A Fly in the Buttermilk: Descriptions of University Life..." in your textbook (McMillan and Wergin).
1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of conducting a study with such an open-ended question?
There are pros and cons for each type of inquiry method design for phenomenology research; it is the open-ended question. Advantages are its ability to be a conduit, allowing for identification of attitudes, beliefs, and true feelings about particular situations without constraints or controls (McMillan & Wergin, 2010). Whereas, the disadvantages include the time intensive process to conduct the interview, transcribe, analyze the data, and find themes. Additionally, if measures are not taken conscious and subconscious researcher and respondents’ bias are possibilities, potentially reducing the credibility of the study.
2. It isn 't enough to argue that a study should be done just because one like it hasn 't been done before. What else should the argument contain?
Researchers need to go beyond “never been done before” to warrant a study, providing what will be obtained, realized, or further explained by a described investigation (McMillan &Wergin, 2010). Davis et al. (2004) base their research questions on those of a quantitative meta-analysis study discussed in the literature review. Believing an in-depth interview phenomenological approach will provide the first-person perspective of the African-American (AA) experience in predominately white higher education…

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