A First Class City Of Overland Park Essay

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On May 20, 1906, officials incorporated Overland Park making it a first class city with a population of 28,085. The city’s origin traces back to 1905 when William B. Strang arrived from New York. His mother lived in Kansas City, and after the floods of 1903 complained of the stench of rotten livestock left dead in the stockyards. He had a friend, George Metcalf who lived southwest of the city who owned land. His mother went to live with Mr. Metcalf and fell in love with the rolling hills and fresh smells. This area became Overland Park. In business, Mr. Strang was successful in the field of railcars. He envisioned a park-like suburb with affordable housing away from the downtown dirt. He initiated specific building codes and included minimum square footage for homes. His goal was to create a city where residents could enjoy a quality of life generally available only to the wealthy. In 1906, he completed a short line from Overland Park to downtown Kansas City. He decorated his railcar with the finest material at the time. Our history is relevant today, as city officials base their decisions, to include our legal services, on the founding values and vision of William B. Strang. I began to work at the City Overland Park in 1992. Looking back, I do not recall who our police legal advisor or city attorney was at the time. I do recall in 1996 when the city appointed our new Chief, our police advisor was Mike Santos and our city attorney was Bob Watson. Both of these men would…

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