A Figurative Story: Who Moved My Cheese

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Finding my Cheese
Johnson (1998) noted cheese represents a person’s possession and what a person would like to have in the future. Who Moved My Cheese is a figurative story of two active, industrious, and productive mice named Sniff and Scurry and two humans small in stature excessively, exaggeratedly, cautious, and circumspect named Hem and Haw who live respectively in a labyrinth. The four companions at one point had lost their cheese supply which they relied upon for nourishment and sanctuary. Things can change in an instant or even over a period (Johnson, 1998). The mice quickly adapted to change and proceed onward in a quest for new fortune while little people stayed stuck in their old habits.
Johnson (1998) suggested change is inevitable
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My security and nourishment was connected to my mother. My maze represents the countryside where my mom provided me with safety; she was always available, if she was not around, our neighbours filled the gap for my mother. Growing up in the tight knitted country sides had it benefits; the village raised a child, everyone knew each other, and respecting each other was the way of life. My mother had four children; her two eldest children was born while she was in her teenage years of her life of which I was the second child, and the two youngest of her children she gave birth when she was an adult. My teenage mother, my oldest sister, and I were like sisters rather than mother and her two daughters. When my brother was born, our mother grew up with age and time. Having other siblings to share a new and improve mother with was new and I never really adjusted because I just never accepted them as our equals. I believe that my youngest siblings were taking all of our moms’ attention from me. Mommy was always caring, and it was easy to see why we were so close. Our bond begins at birth, and raised by a teenage mother who considers her daughter her sisters. I never thought the day would come when I faced with losing my …show more content…
I identify with the character, Hem who is a stabilizer style having the skills and aptitudes to organized and created things. Hem was left behind in the maze because he viewed change as a huge danger to someone who exceeds expectations at control and security. The mice personality styles had aided them in managing change; sniffing our change and scurrying to make change work for them. On the other hand, I am still stuck in the maze making thing efficient, systematized, and caring for my mother. I could had modify my behaviour over nine years ago if I had work closely with my other three siblings during our mothers’

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