Essay on A Fight For Competitive Federalism

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A fight for competitive federalism lies in the beginning of this article. The author is specifying for a particular type of federalism in which the central government should play a very limited role, exclusively running our units of states to compete with one another on economic values of their citizens. Federalism empowers our citizens by providing this pluralism system, establishing more accessibility to leaders and increase citizens’ participation within their government. This participation can easily be determined by the amount of leadership positions that represent the people and the power of our citizen’s vote. The importance of federalism to distributed power among our citizens to create a more effective way to solve issues at the lowest level of government. In the author’s argument for a competitive federalism system people aren’t restrained from leaving the states because of mobility, so federalism replicates private economic principles as people ultimately are able to cherry-pick over the geographical map of our nation into any state with competitive favoring benefits, such as better education opportunities, higher wages, lower costs of living, or just utilizing another exploited state business tax loophole. If the federal government’s powers were limited, that this would presumably discipline the states into being better state governments by competing for citizens’ business. Mobility and choice for decades has been what thrives states to achieve state interest…

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