Why Do People Want To Change

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) a) They say that a person’s personality can’t be changed.
b) People say that humans are the way they are because of their personality. If they change their behavior it will only be temporary because people see the behavior as superficial, while personality is believe to be ingrained.
c) Behaviorists say that personality is merely a collection of habits which are behaviors. If they can change their behavior, they can change their habit, which ultimately changes their personality. They also say that the reason why people revert back to their old behaviors, or their old personality, is because their behavior wasn’t receiving enough support or positive reinforcement. They say that new behavior is fragile and in order to maintain it for a long time, it must receive support until it becomes a habit.

2) a) Another reservation that people give is that people have to want to change.
b) In order for someone to change their
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b) People believe that changing someone’s behavior is a form of control, and they believe no one should control someone else.
c) Behaviorists say that it is impossible not to control someone’s behavior, that it is a normal interaction. They also say that some control is good because if there was no control then there would be chaos. However, control over someone’s behavior becomes bad when it forces or convinces someone to do something illegal or immoral that’ll effect that person. Behaviorists go onto say that in order to defend oneself from this form of control people should learn how to change and manage their own behavior.

6) a) People believe a deliberate attempt to change the behavior of others is manipulation.
b) People don’t want to change others behavior because they believe it is a form of manipulation. People believe other persons can use it to influence others to do illegal and immoral

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