Essay about A Few Good Men By Aaron Sorkin

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[10/19/15, 10:38:34 PM] Samantha Kaplan: Have you ever noticed a leader who exaggerates his or her self importance? In the play, “A Few Good Men,” by Aaron Sorkin, Colonel Jessep frames Pfc. Downey and Cpl. Dawson for committing the murder of Pfc. Santiago during 1986. These men are part of the United States Marines Corps in Guantanamo, Cuba. As part of the marines, the men are supposed to live by the marine code of defending their unit, God, corps, and country. Living by the marine code also means being honorable. In the play, Colonel Jessep’s morals and sense of honor are tested when he secretly orders a disciplinary action, called a code red, to Pfc. Santiago that accidently results in his death. Dawson and Downey were the marines who informally carry out the code red, which is not embraced by society, but has been known to still occur as a punishment when a marine is not physically performing well. Unexpectedly, Santiago dies because he has a fragile health condition that no one is aware of and has difficulty enduring the physical harm during the code red. Jessep ultimately is in an authoritative position that leads him to put the blame of Santiago’s death on Dawson and Downey, who have lesser rankings and feel an obligation to protect their superior, in order to preserve the strength of the marines. Although Jessep sees himself as an invulnerable and righteous marine, his view is incorrect because he acts immorally in pursuit of his goals.
Jessep sees himself…

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