Essay on A Feud Over Fur Industry

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A Feud Over Fur 1821, two competitors merge to end fighting, and find strength, united. The Hudson’s Bay Company and the North West Company merged during July, 1821. This came after a tense competition between the companies since around 1787, which grew into that of a war; many battles were fought, and many ruthless actions were taken during that time. After pressure from the British government, the two companies merged; both realized that their battle would destroy both sides. The new company kept the name Hudson’s Bay Company, and with that, the name of the North West Company disappeared, after more than forty years. However, 55 out of 100 shares were held by North West Company and Hudson’s Bay adopted many of their principles as well. But how was Canada changed from the war between the fur-trading companies? The feuds between the two companies lead to a better relationship between the Europeans and the Aboriginal peoples, a dramatic change in Aboriginal culture, and western exploration and expansion in Canada. The relationship between Europeans and Aboriginal peoples around the time of the fur trade could have been much better, and was improved because of the competition. Until around 1710, about one in seven men could find a wife. Many men became coureurs de bois (translating directly to “wood-runners”), due to the guaranteed benefits, as well as the fact that many could find an Aboriginal wife. The coureurs de bois were unlicensed fur traders. However, HBC (Hudson’s…

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