Bobs And Burgers Analysis

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A Feministic View on Boobs and Burgers

People often question why Feminism exist. All I ask is that the people in society that question the existence of feminism do; watch the Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl ’15 Commercial. If there is still confusion, then there you have it. That is why feminism in today’s society of America exists. To be a feminist is simply the act of believing in the political, economic and social equality of the sexes ( The Carl’s Jr Super Bowl ’15 Ad is a fifty-two second commercial of the nearly-naked American model and actress, Charlotte Mckinney. As she strolls through a Farmers Market, men immediately stop what they’re doing to stare her up and down. Why is it that a company trying to promote their newest
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This commercial is a perfect example of the truth behind this statement because the company clearly believes that society will too desire the actress in the commercial, making their new menu item more desirable as well. Carl’s Jr. believes they can reel customers in by advertising blonde-hair, and big-boobs. From a feminist view; this is disgusting. In the book Women’s Voices Feminist Visions by Susan M. Shaw and Janet Lee, when referring to the media and television- “Advertising sponsors control content of most commercial television. During male sporting events, for example, the commercials are for beer, cars, electronic products, internet commerce, and other products targeted at male audiences” (Shaw and Lee 258). Carl’s Jr. aired this commercial for the first time during last year’s Super Bowl game because of the generalization that more men would be watching the game. We can assume that the company creating the commercial believed what better way to give their new advertisement attention than a naked model because it creates such a “fantasy element” of a “sexy” supermodel towards the targeted audience, men. Feminism exists to guide society in acknowledging the harm of this commercial, and others like it, in the fact that companies shouldn’t depend on naked women …show more content…
Super Bowl ’15 Commercial is exactly why feminism is apparent in our country because it has the effect of leaving many women to feel as though they do not fit into the physicality of what is ‘attractive.’ The actress in the commercial refers to herself as being “all natural,” when she has clearly been enhanced physically in almost every way possible. This puts an assumption on the way women should look when they’re ‘all natural’ (no make-up, airbrush, hair done, etc.) which is clearly not a reality. A quote from the film Miss Representation, “If the media is telling girls all the power lies in their bodies, this distracts them from making a difference” (Miss Representation). Not every girl or women can look like the actress in this commercial because not one individual in our country is the same. When the media puts a mass assumption on what they think is attractive, they’re leaving out millions of other factors. This message is reinforced by the negative ways in which these women are portrayed when appearing in the media, and leaves females; specifically, girls left to believe that they should be focusing more on their physicality, rather than mentality. It is important to recognize that although we live in a society where it may be considered the “norm” for society to be attracted to blonde super-models, this does not stand true for every individual in our country, and not every female is going to carry these

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