A Feminist Critique Of The United Nations Security Council Essay

1031 Words Nov 14th, 2016 5 Pages
When evaluating this agreement under a gender scope, it fits all of the most important criteria, as recommended by the United Nations Security Council. However, if one were to provide a feminist critique of the same treaty, that results would be less positive. This contrast is typical of modern day peace treaties. In this feminist critique I will apply the concepts of hierarchies of harm and women’s participation in the peace process. In a piece titled “Women and Peace Processes, three experts in the field provide recommendation on when and to what degree women should be involved in the peace processes. The arguments for this are as follows, bringing women to the peace table is necessary because they are political subjects with rights and their inclusion also brings in other underrepresented groups due to the intersectionality of gender with ethnicity, religion, class, caste, and clan (De Alwis et al). The cause behind this is because “peace processes are as gendered as wars” (De Alwis et al).
In regards to that information, it seems as though the authors of this piece would, for the most part, content with the Philippines 1998 peace treaty. The treaty has an article dedicated just to address that topic. Listed earlier in this paper, it gives women the right to participate in peace processes which affect them. The treaty also accomplishes addressing other underrepresented groups other than gender, which is very important in the peace process because of the effect of…

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