A Father And Son Strikes Essay

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The act known as Icarian Games has been around for hundreds of years, and the myth of Icarus and Daedalus even longer. This story of a father and son strikes very prevalent in Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir, Fun Home. Bechdel’s relationship with her father has various parallels to this myth, but who plays which role? Bechdel distorts the Icarus-Daedalus myth to illuminate her views on the role reversal within her growing relationship with her father. In the first two pages of Fun Home, Bechdel associates her father most with Daedalus. Besides his Daedalus like action of launching her into the sky on his legs, Alison describes him as a master craftsman. Bruce constantly fixes up the Bechdel home and finds beauty within what she considers junk (6). This relates Bruce to most to Daedalus; both focus primarily on their work as well as create beauty and use out of basic items, not paying attention to much else. Bruce doesn’t always treat his children as children; as Bechdel puts it, her and her siblings are often treated as furniture (14). Bruce is frequently indifferent towards his children rather than loving and understanding, seen through the facial expressions throughout the first chapter. This is similar to how Daedalus quickly moves on after Icarus died, continuing his work. Furthermore, Bruce’s authority is dominant in the family. The first chapter consists mainly of him ordering Alison and her siblings to do various household tasks. She recalls that “something vital was…

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