A Fascinating Experience Essay example

1001 Words Jul 26th, 2015 null Page
Being able to experience cultural sightings in the U.S is a fascinating experience. For example, places like China Town in New York and El Mercado in Austin is filled with history and artistic views of people’s values. In America, worldwide integration is increasing not only in the business side but in everyday living. Because of the great opportunities in the U.S., shop owners from different ethnicities are able to offer their products. Consumers are offered with various shopping centers owned by Chinese, Indian, Mexican, and many types of cultures. Most of us speak English in America, but it is captivating to be able to communicate in other languages opening doors to different cultural connections. Many students, in today’s society, are noticing the high demand and enrichment in learning foreign languages, therefore increasing the number of people taking this types of courses. Taking interest in people around the world and their beliefs is encouraging many to learn different languages. Barriers of language will soon be one less thing to worry about, students are learning to appreciate multicultural endeavors. Others pursue the learning of languages to be able to understand their heritage and ancestors. While others are choosing to expand their learning abilities by learning to speak different languages. In the business world, it is of great advantage to have Multilanguage knowledge. Whatever the reason the high increase in students joining the trend is being recognized.…

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