A Famous Psychologist And His Life 's Work Essay

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For my individual paper I have chosen to write about a famous psychologist and his life’s work. I will begin with the story of his life, then his theories, and finally his experiments and how they have changed the study of psychology. Albert Bandura is a famous Psychologist from Canada. He was born on December 4th, 1925 in a small town outside of Edmonton Canada. He was the youngest of the six children, and his early education consisted of one small school with two teachers. He was a strong believer in the idea that education is what you made it and so he did a lot of learning on his own. These early thoughts have been tied into explaining his theories. Later, in his twenties Albert Bandura attended the University of British Columbia where he started as a biological sciences major but fell in love with psychology by accident. While working nights to pay for school he began commuting to school with a group of friends. This lead to him arriving at school much earlier than his classes started. So in order to pass the time, he began taking more classes to fill time in-between his early arrival and beginning of class. These filler classes led to him taking and early morning psychology class all by chance. Albert Bandura once explained this strange stumble, "One morning, I was wasting time in the library. Someone had forgotten to return a course catalog and I thumbed through it attempting to find a filler course to occupy the early time slot. I noticed a course in psychology…

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