Essay about A Family Plan At High School

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Rosa and Derrick met in high school in their senior English class. They sat next to each other in class and eventually started having conversations. They both were assigned to a government and economics project to pretend they are married and create a family plan, budgeting etc. They starting chatting however Derrick was dating someone else at that time. They only started dating once they both were in college. Derrick indicates that “we developed a friendship while she was in college for that first year… we chatted online and she surprised me with tickets for a concert”. Afterwards they met up together in the fall and started dating at the point. They were married June 28, 2003 and have been together ever since. They have no prior marriages and their marriage was verified through a marriage certificate.

Derrick describes Rosa as “an amazing women with strong values on which she stand firm. She is a loving mother and a caring wife”. Rosa describes Derrick as a “loyal and caring man. He’s responsible, really smart, and has no qualms about acting silly. He’s a loving father who makes time for his family and paints our daughters toe nails as needed”. Together, Derrick and Rosa made a strong and lovely couple. They take care of each other and love to share their quarks and have their own ‘gaming language’.

They describe their marriage to be healthy, stable with lots of communication and spending time together. They have many similar interests that they share yet have their…

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