A Family Is Constantly Changing And Evolving Essay

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The idea of a family is constantly changing and evolving. This leads to family being difficult to define. Many researchers have tried to define the family in their own perspective. In which, they have not been able to obtain concrete universal definitions to fit all societies’ description. Society is constantly changing, making norms to change, causing the way of living to change as well. Murdock defines the family in a functionalist approach that includes two individuals of both sexes living under the same home and having a sexual relationship with children of their own or adopted. Murdock supports his definition with four aspects that are sexuality, reproduction, common residence, and economic co-operation. This functionalist definition is not a good basis for a definition of the family because it is narrow, excludes people, assumes that the family has to be biologically related, expects heterosexuality and it does not use the sociological imagination.
The definition of family cannot have a narrow description because society is constantly changing, making it impossible to have only one universal meaning. Having a universal meaning will decrease people feeling as outsiders. Diana Gittins challenges Murdock’s the definition of the family in her article The Family in Question- What is the Family? Is it Universal? Gittins argues that the definition of the family cannot be specific because it does not allow for all people to fit the description of family. People are different,…

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