Essay about A Family Environment

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Family helps shape, define, and provides a foundation of whom an individual will grow up to become. Families can consist of traditional, modern, single, blended, and adoptive. This research paper will focus on the latter. In the scope of a family environment, families share many life-changing memories. Some are happy, and meant to cherish forever. Other memories may not be so pleasant and can actually destroy families. These memories would not be so astounding if comprised of vacations, first days of school but this exploration stem from parents failure to adequately nurture, protect, guide children into adulthood. Researchers believe lack of parenting, is a contributing factor that distinguishes between resilient children and those that are not, (Jaffee, Caspi, Moffitt, Polo-Tomas, & Taylor, 2007). The paper will examine some of the patterns and possible solutions of defining families that will have lasting memories to cherish. The True Meaning of Family
Introduction to Family
The true meaning of family, this writer would not be where she is today if it had not been for the experiences in foster care." The experience set a foundation in life, whether positive, but mainly negative. My early upbringing memory from the age of three and up consisted of moving from foster home to foster home. This paper will focus on the writer’s home from age three until seven years of age.
My Unique Family
My family consisted of a two-parent household. White, devout Christian foster…

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