Essay on A Family Dinner At The Dinner Table

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In 1989 Ronald Reagan said that “all great change in America begins at the dinner table,” yet by 2016, sitting down at the dinner table to eat a meal with every member of the family is a foreign concept to some. Although some people are fortunate enough to have this time to gather and bond with their family, it seems that in America this is far from the norm these days. A family dinner is defined as a time of sharing a meal and conversation with all members of the immediate (or any extended) family present. Although a common practice decades ago in America, in the twenty-first century this ideal of using a family meal as a time to bond with one’s family is outdated. The fact that family meals are beginning to become obsolete reveals much about American culture such as the abundance of technology, fast-food restaurants, and women in the workforce that are not present in cultures such as in Mexico. Americans are turning away from family dinners and moving to other outlets, such as sports, to bond with family. As technology, restaurants, and women in the workforce become more prevalent in America, using a traditional family dinner as a time to bond with family members diminishes. To understand what a traditional family dinner is, customs from decades and even centuries ago must be understood. In the late eighteenth century, when industrialization changed the scheme of working at home, men began having more productive jobs while women were left protecting the home. Since…

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