A Family And Marriage Be Destroyed By Domestic Violence Essay

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Every relationship experiences problems. The problems can be minor like communication issues or they can be as dangerous as a controlling relationship. These issues can lead to bigger dilemmas in a person’s life. In the film Once Were Warriors we see a family and marriage be destroyed by domestic violence. The main characters Beth and Jake are greatly impacted by their gender, environment, and society. These issues affect their relationship and their family. Jake and Beth are in an abusive relationship that revolves around many intimate partner dynamic issues. A character that shows major intimate partner traits in the movie is Jake the Muss. Jake keeps his family under control by using the power and control methods: male privilege, patriarchy, intimidation and violence. Jake the Muss is a well- respected man in his small town in New Zealand. The locals in the town fear and respect Jake and his friends. Jake the Muss is the head of his family and controls everyone in the household. He is the provider and protector; this is an example of patriarchy. Patriarchy is a political and social system that explains why men believe they are superior and controlling (Hooks, N.D). Jake is a typical strong violent male who likes to fight and bad mouth people. The first characteristic Jake illustrates is anger. In the beginning of the movie, Jake is a quick-tempered man with little patience. As he is explaining to his wife, Beth, why he no longer has a job, Jake turns from sweet to…

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