A Faith Walker Is A Ordinary Person That God Uses Essay

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A Faith Walker is a ordinary person that God uses in extraordinary ways. When we think of someone who God used in an extraordinary way, we think of people such as Moses, Paul, or Noah. God not only used people in the Bible, but He also used people in the past and now the present. Jackie Pullinger is a minister who traveled to Hong Kong to help rehabilitate people who were previously addicted to drugs and alcohol. Although she attended the Royal College of Music, she decided she wanted to be a missionary when she was 22. She began to write to various missionary organizations, but none of them supported her financially. Finally, she came to a minister, Richard Thompson, and he told her to, “buy a ticket for a boat going as far as she could get.” She originally planned to go to Africa, but she decided to head to Hong Kong instead. In 1966, she bought a ticket and traveled to Hong Kong with only $10 on hand. When starting her missionary work, she traveled to Hak Nam, which, in Chinese, means “darkness.” She got her first job as a elementary teacher in Kowloon Walled City, which, at the time, was one of the largest opium producing centers. She eventually established a youth club that helped dug addicts rehabilitate. Most of the members of this club were from the Triad Gang, and she said, “I saw them become Christians one by one.” Over time, she won the Triad Gangs trust and approval. Her early missionary years are documented in her first novel, Chasing the…

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