A Face Threatening Act ( Fta ) Is An Experience That Threatens One 's Face

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“Face” and “face-work”, the way we think about ourselves, or how we are portrayed to others such as our credibility, public image, or reputation can have large negative impacts on the way healthcare is both received and delivered. Because this communication practice of saving face is something that each and every person experiences, it has the ability to impact healthcare from every angle it comes from, such as from the patient perspective or the providers. A face threatening act (FTA) is an experience that threatens one 's face. A demonstration of this is in a healthcare setting when a nurse or even tech notices something is not right with a patient and does not want to speak up and threaten the doctor’s “face”. When these mistakes are ignored, it results in patient harm that easily could have been prevented. An example of this could be noticing that the patient had an allergy in the past or noticing that the physician missed something in a chart and not wanting to speak up in fear of calling the doctor out on a mistake. The face threatening act here is that the doctor’s credibility and reliability is challenged. To ensure that these face threatening acts do not harm patients, and also avoid hurting someone’s ego or image, the person who identifies the mistake can openly share that they notice something hazardous. Word choice and the way the message is communicated can make a big difference. By saying something along the lines of “I did not want you to miss” or “I believe…

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