A Experiment On Test And Carboxylic Acid Alcohol Ester Odor Essay

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Test Tube Carboxylic Acid Alcohol Ester Odor
1 Methanoic Acid 2-Methyl-1-propanol
2-Methyl-1- Propyl- Methanoate Raspberry

2 Glacial Ethanoic Acid Ethanol Ethyl Ethanoate Banana
3 Glacial Ethanoic Acid 1-Pentanol Pentyl Ethanoate Apple Cider Vinegar
4 Glacial Ethanoic Acid 1-Octanol Octyl Ethanoate Citrus
5 Salicylic Acid Methanol Methyl 2-Hydroxybenzoate Spearmint

1) Test Tube 1 had 2-Methyl-1-Propyl Methanoate in it. Test Tube 2 had Ethyl Ethanoate in it. Test Tube 3 had Pentyl Ethanoate in it. Test Tube 4 had Octyl Ethanoate in it Test Tube 5 had Methyl 2-Hydroxybenozoate in it.
3) Water was added after the reaction since there is a difference in the solubility of acids, alcohols, and ester. Both the carboxylic acid and the alcohol range from slightly soluble to being soluble in water. The carboxylic acid and the alcohol both have an OH functional group and this makes them polar with the exception of alcohols with "chains longer than propanol with each additional carbon added onto the carbon chain attached to the OH even more slightly insoluble." Contrarily, the ester were non polar and the esters in the experiments were less dense than water. This means that when the water was added in, the esters floated up and the alcohol and the water dissolved within the water. This is important in smelling because it limits the smell from the carboxylic acid and alcohol remaining since water is polar making both them dissolve inside the water…

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