A Experiment On Heating On The Heat Of A Warm Slightly More Than Ml Of Water

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Procedure: Before beginning each experiment, remove all clutter from the workstation and read the directions for the experiments thoroughly.

Part 1: Warm slightly more than 300 mL of water to approximately 70 degrees Celsius. Measure out 150 mL of water into the coffee cup calorimeter. Take the temperature of this water in the coffee cup calorimeter once it has reached a steady temperature. Then, add an ice cube approximately the size of a large marshmallow. Stir the ice and water and measure the lowest temperature of the liquid once the ice has completely melted. Measure the final volume of water. Repeat this sequence twice more, so that there are three sets of data.

Part 2: Start heating approximately 3 inches of water in a pot on the stove. While the pan of water is warming, place the known mass metal samples in separate test tubes and place these two test tubes in the water of the pot that is heating on the stove. Continue to heat the pan with the test tubes. Elsewhere, place 75 mL of room temperature water into the calorimeter. Measure and note this water in the calorimeter’s temperature. Once the heating water in the pan has come to a strong boil, take the temperature of the water. Then, take the contents of one test tube and quickly transfer it to the calorimeter and note the highest temperature of the water in the calorimeter after a quick stir. Dump the contents of the calorimeter and replace it with another 75 mL of room temperature water. Measure the…

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