A Essay About My Life

1576 Words Dec 18th, 2016 7 Pages
Saahir, I just feel so down and so hurt. I know that I have to fight some of these bad days to earn the best days of my life with you, and I want you to do and think the same. I just want to go somewhere with u sumwhere sooo far that know 1 knows us, where I don’t hear a single thing about any1. JUST ME & U busy with our own lifes, Doing our own things. I’m FUCKKIN in love with you man, I RAA can’t explain. At times you do things that hurts me, it kills me deep down but I try to stay calm. OKAY there’s times when I laugh it off and theres other times when I take it straight to heart. I keep re-thinking about it. I hate to argue with you but at the same time I love it coz u stay quiet and u let me win and I feel like a proper WIFE. But uno since the day I got close to you, most of the things just don’t seem to matter to like they used to. You make me feel so beautiful even when I’m in a hug mess, you make me feel like I’m the ONLY woman out here, that’s perfectly MADE 4 U. I turn to you when I’m in pain, physical and emotional. You’re not just a person to me, your EVERYTHING to me. There’s something so innocent about you. Your laughs, you smile, you know what EVERYTHING about u brings me peace. I’m happy to be here with you, girls out here crave that they have a relationship like ours (may Allah protect us from the evil eyes). Back in 2014 I remember the day that I used to pray for the things that I have today. I used to be like ‘y can’t I be this lucky?’ but TBH I turned…

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