A Emotional Project On Love Essay

1572 Words Nov 11th, 2015 7 Pages
It was getting harder and harder to deny the fact that she felt an attraction to this guy. She refused to say she was in love because we all knew that wasn’t possible. It was but a couple months. This was how long she’d known him and of those three months, he had a crush on her friend all of them. She never wanted to invest herself in a guy that she knew would never like her back but, it was hard when all he kept doing was drawling her in. Every sweet word and vowel that came out of his mouth dripping with honey. All of it started during a very emotional project. After a full class of crying and sniffles, she was emotionally drained and instantly slumped into her chair in Spanish. Not a minute after, he glided right into the chair next to her. He had been in class when she had broken down, exposing every little flaw that she hid behind her façade. He had even offered to give her a hug after. Even though she politely refused, it was still a gesture that touched her. He looked into her eyes with a glaze that could cut and said that her presentation was very good. She thanked him and said his was good as well but she couldn’t seem to grasp onto anything of emotional importance. He looked at her with eyes that held a kind of sorrow that could only be gained over years of pure hell. Telling her the tale of his abusive father and trying to protect his mother, her heard began to ache with compassion for this guy. That day he wrote “It’s okay, be okay” on a folder of hers and that…

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