A. E Housman Poetry Analysis

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The introduction of this thesis includes background of the study, the reason for choosing the topic, research question, objectives of the study, significance of study, limitation of the study and organization of thesis. The background of the research deals with the general information, then the reasons for choosing the study are about the reason why the research is needed to be conducted. Then, the specific questions of the research are formulated in the research question. Then, based on the research question, the objectives of the study are performed. They are to identify the stylistic of A.E Housman Poetry “the recruit” and to identify the issues behind “the recruit” poem. The significances of this research are clarified. The limitation of …show more content…
They describe or drawing their human feelings, and their thoughts inking, with a language that does is not usually used in daily life. According to William Wordsworth poetry is “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling, it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity, the emotion is contemplated till, by a species of reaction, the tranquillity gradually disappears, and emotion, kindred to the subject of contemplation, is gradually produced and does itself actually exist in the mind”.(http://www.grin.com/en/e-book/93458/emotion-recollected-in-tranquillity-wordsworth-s-concept-of-poetic ). Then Meanwhile, Coleridge states that “Poetry is the product of imagination working on the object of life and nature. It is an activity of imagination, idealizing the real and realising the ideal, as a colours to the art of painting and words are the art of writing …show more content…
They are linguistics and literature, stylistic, type of stylistic, A.E Houseman biography and Text “The Recruit” Poetry. Firstly, the general definitions of linguistics and literature are presented, secondly the description of stylistic followed by types of stylistic, relationship between literature and linguistic in stylistic, fourthly the biography of A.E Housman and Text “The Recruit”
2.1.1. Linguistic and Literature
Todd (1987: 5) defines linguistics as the scientific way of studying language, the term “scientific” means that the study of language is systematic, the same as physics or chemistry.
Todd, Kreidler (1998: 3) argued that linguists want to know deeper about the way language works, and also about common knowledge possessed by people in sharing information and feelings. It means that linguistic deals with the important elements of certain language, such as words, phrase, clause and sentence, it is also about modulation of speaker voice which depends on the speaker intention and t is also about the way the hearers relate the information they

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