Mrs Everdeen Character Analysis

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A Dystopian Mother A reoccurring theme presented in The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, is how the setting takes place in a dystopian society. Dystopias have many characteristic that display how it is an undesirable world. Even though an insignificant character, Mrs. Everdeen, Katniss’s mother, plays an important role in the development of this theme. She advances many of our primary character’s relationship to a dystopia. Also, she connects too many of the characteristics of a dystopia, such as; isolation of characters, a totalitarian government, pressure to conform, a heroine who questions society, and a tragic backstory. Similarly, Mrs. Everdeen advances and pertains to these characteristics. There are myriad examples of her connection to the theme. For example, her role in District 12 illustrates a larger theme in a dystopia. Mrs. Everdeen lives in a world where most people have little significance, so she found a way to contribute and benefit others. She is an apothecary in District 12; she uses her knowledge and medical resources for reference. With her youngest daughter, Prim, she treats people to the best of her ability. Throughout the Hunger Games, Katniss mentions her mother’s healing abilities. “You should see some of the people they bring my mother from the mines.” (Collins 256) She plays a role in the dystopian world. Mrs. Everdeen has a book that helps our heroine, which consists of information about what plants can be eaten and …show more content…
Everdeen is not seen much in the book, but has a large role in developing our heroine and symbolizing the dystopia theme. She has many underlying meanings, like how life can paralyze a dystopia. For Example, she has a role in society and contributes to the corrupt world. She was emotional unstable, resulting in her isolation and Katniss’s development. Lastly, she has her own story that contains the same characteristics as any good dystopian story. In conclusion Mrs. Everdeen is and is part of a

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