A Drug Called Tradition By Sherman Alexie Essay

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Balance is an important part of life. Finding the balance in life can bring a person peace. Balance is always happening all around even if it cannot be seen. In the short story “A Drug Called Tradition” by Sherman Alexie uses the theme of balance in life. It is a story of three Native American who take a drug and hallucinate. They imagine themselves great and then end learning their true selves. But taking these drugs they realize the true balance that they need in their life and gain some solution to it. There must be a balance from future and past, dead and living, and in tradition. In the short story, there is discussion about the balance between the future and the past. Thomas mentions the skeletons after the experience with the drugs and the narrator goes on to say, “Your past is a skeleton walking one step behind you, and your future is a skeleton walking one step in front of you … The past, the future, all of it is wrapped up in the now. That 's how it is. We are trapped in the now.”(Alexie). The thought is that in life a person must stay in between both the past and the future. They must live their life in the now. “…Stories are the means of continuously rewriting the past, the present, and of creating a future where tribal and individual Indian identity is no longer trapped within the white man 's stereotypes, Thomas uses the image of skeletons.”(Carroll). Life is always changing but they are always trapped in the in-between. With the changing of the past and…

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