A Dream Deferred By Langston Hughes Essay

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What is life worth without dreams and the hope that those dreams can come true one day? Is there a dream you have been postponing in your life? What happens when the goal of a dream is postponed? In “ Dream Deferred,” Langston Hughes has a visionary way of expressing six different consequences that happen when a dream is deferred. Langston’s poem raises the question about dreams and about what happens when dreams are ignored or unfulfilled by using the stylistic devices of diction, figurative language, and sound to show people who don’t achieve their dreams can have consequences The first stylistic device diction gives an important information to the reader in “ A Dream Deferred.” The first question to get his reader thinking about his message “ What happens to a dream deferred?”, this diction here emphasizes his theme. He uses the word “ dream” to mean hope in the future. The word “ dream” is strong meaning for most readers, who understand the importance of having dreams and hopes of fulfilling them. Hughes instructs his readers to hold on tightly to their dreams because without them, life will manifest itself into a literal or psychological explosion. Langston Hughes chooses diction associated with burden to ponder the consequences of putting off a dream. The Hughes compares a dream to a “dried up raisin,” a “sore,” and a “heavy load” to show us the spoils a dream can bring if one never attempts to make this dream come true (Voices and Visions).This unique poem is…

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