A Dream Deferred By Langston Hughes Essay

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"A dream deferred" is one of the most famous poems written by Langston Hughes in his collection of poetry Montage of a Dream Deferred. it was published in 1951 about the white oppression of blacks in America. there were prejudice against blacks, making them into lower class citizens. They had to go to segregated school and also do menial jobs. furthermore they could not use the same public facilities as the whites. Thus, after realising the limitations as a black man in America, Hughes wrote "A dream deferred" that has eleven short lines in four stanzas. This essay will be explaining about the structure of the poem and literary techniques that are used, how Hughes uses imagery and figurative language to show possible reaction of delaying dreams and how an oppressed person can be violent if dreams are postponed.

In the second line "Does it dry up, like a raisin in the sun?" shows that when dreams have been on hold for a long time, they will transform into something totally different and will not turn out as the person originally intended. Hughes uses simile to compare postponed dreams to raisins. Like raisins that turn dark and shrivel after some time under the sun that symbolises time, dreams will be gone or vanished, sucked away and crumpled, and all of the details of the dreams do not seem important anymore, so does the life of the person who carries the dreams. This may lead to social death, which is the circumstances when someone is not regarded as fully human. This…

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