A Domino Effect On God's Life

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Register to read the introduction… He realises that if nothing he experiences can separate him from God’s love, living for this God and doing what is required of him is the only way to live. Because of his outlook on life and the realization of God’s inseparable love for him Paul got himself into some sticky situations. Many times he was taken outside of a city, stoned and left to die. He also faced beatings by Roman authorities and being thrown into jail. He was shipwrecked and ultimately taken to trial before the Roman Emperor. In all this hardship and persecution Paul did not hesitate to continue to preach the Gospel. Therefore we can conclude that a fully surrendered life is not based on circumstances but on faith. Paul obeyed the Holy Spirit’s leading in all these situations; this is essence of a surrendered …show more content…
George Müller had a domino effect on the people around him. In a line of dominoes once the first one has been pushed, the rest will follow without much effort. George Müller was part of this domino effect. He had first been encouraged by the writings of these people; A.H. Franke and his orphan houses he had set up in Halle, John Newton and his fight against slavery and living a life surrendered to God, and George Whitefield with his evangelism. Being encouraged by these great men George Müller in turn encouraged other believers in his time by his words and his actions. As a result they were able to continue in the work God had for them and this domino effect continued. R.A. Torrey writes of Müller saying, “George Müller never prayed for a thing just because he wanted it, or even just because he felt it was greatly needed for God’s work…….Sometimes he would search the scriptures for days before he presented his petition to God….. He always prayed with an open Bible.” George Müller asked in prayer and was given the modern day equivalent of around $8,000,000 over his years in ministry. This money covered all the various needs of running mission foundations, orphanages and evangelical meetings. He never asked for what was not needed and he never went without what was needed. God always provided for him. For R.A. Torrey and many others who have read Müller’s story this has been an encouragement to trust God to provide in the natural by his supernatural power. This encouragement has led to greater faith in seeing God move and provide for the saints. Because of his total surrender to God’s will in his life George Müller saw God move and because of his faith other’s faith was

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