A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen Essay example

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The play, A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen works with the ideas of an 1800’s home containing transformations, the fight for individuality, and reputation. Reading the play at first makes it seem as if it is about a women who goes behind her husband’s back because he is too controlling, but there is a much deeper interpretation of this play. Really it is talking about a woman trying to create her own individual personality in the confinement of social expectations and roles. This play characterizes a woman trying her best to create her own identity in a time where such things were non-existent. Individuality among women in the 1800’s was an extremely rare thing. Women were told what to do and how to do it by their husbands or fathers. Man was the dominant figure of the time and was practically the boss of all. In A Doll’s House, Nora is treated like an object rather than a woman (“A Doll’s House”). Nora tries her best to follow Torvald’s expectations. No macaroons and no heavy lifting. Women should be “beautiful” and are not meant to do things like men. Women were only important if they were appealing to the eyes (Baseer 3). Nora eats macaroons and she tries to do things on her own in secrecy. But whenever Torvald is around, she hides her true wants from him. Throughout the story, Nora works and transforms into the woman she really wants to be. She strives to have her own identity, her own personality, and her own free will. Nora’s struggle is a “…protest of estrangement…”…

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