A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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Throughout history, the devastating oppression of the participation of women in society has always been associated in western cultures by men. During this time women did not have a lot of rights to do the same things as men. In this society, men and women played their specific roles that were assigned to them, and because of these roles men assume that women are property, and are too innocent to be responsible for anything. Written in 1879, Henrik Ibsen play, “A Doll’s House”, focuses on a story that undervalues women in a traditional society. Nora Helmer, in “A Doll House” portrays a modern woman who is limited by traditional society in which the women is denied freedom and autonomy. Throughout the story, the reader can see the development of Nora from a child-like housewife to an independent woman. Upon further examination of “A Doll’s House” you can see that Nora’s Husband Torvald treats Nora in a disrespecting manner, because she is a woman. In this play, you can see that Torvald usually calls her insulting pet names that would be used for children. In the eyes of Torvald, Nora is not able to do anything, and is only allowed to do the things Torvald wants her to do. As a woman, Torvald believes that Nora could never understand the decision that Torvald makes, and believes she doesn’t deserve much freedom. In this play, a major theme is feminism which can be shown by how Nora is not treated like an adult. When Torvald talks to her, it looks like he thinks she is not able…

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