Essay A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen

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A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen contained only a handful of characters but all the characters had a big impact on the story line whether they were very abundant in the scenes or not. The characters and their dialogues were the reason the story progressed. The conflicts, themes and character development was shown when the characters interacted with one another and took action within the play. Two characters within A Doll’s House that created parallels and contrasts included Krogstad and Nora because they both showed signs of blackmail, gender roles and envy. To begin with, Nora was the happy wife of Torvald, who seemed to be pampered and spend money on anything to please her husband or children. At the beginning of the story, Nora seems like she is very talkative and always happy to the point where she doesn’t mind when her husband, Torvald, calls her doll-like. Nora doesn’t seem to mind that she is in a doll-like state, in fact, she laughs whenever her husband calls her a doll. As the play progresses, Nora shows that even though she is very happy and talkative, she can be smart and cunning in her own way. She shows willpower and drive to be a good wife when she was in debt due to the declining health of Torvald. During the time Torvald was in need of treatment, Nora had a side job that she did not tell anyone about and at the time period when this play took place it was looked down upon if a woman had anything to do with work or business. On the other hand, another…

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